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The 10 Most Common Reasons of High Blood Pressure

Posted on: 20 Dec 2020

By: Dr Vinoth Kumar

Published in: High BP

Read time: 10 MIns

Reasons of High Blood Pressure

In more than 90% of patients the exact reason for high BP is not known. There are  some risk factors and some medical conditions which are associated with high BP. They are the following


As the age increases structural changes happen in the arteries of our body. The large elastic arteries become very stiff and hence the BP increases. Mainly the Systolic BP increases significantly after the age of 50yrs.

2.Family history of high BP:

High BP is very common when one or both parent or siblings have high BP especially if they develop High BP before the age of 60 years. If more family members have high BP the more chance that you may develop high BP. Due to genetic predisposition if there is a family history of heart attack or brain stroke before age of 55years due to high BP, there is more chance of heart attack and brain stroke in other family members with high BP.


Whenever a person smoke, the BP rises temporarily. When smoking continues for longer time fat deposition occurs in the blood vessel walls and the elastic arteries become stiff. Hence the BP increases permanently.

4.High salt intake:

When the salt intake is consistently more than 5-6gms per day, the risk of developing High BP is very high

5.Overweight and Obesity:

Overweight and Obesity increases the risk of high BP

6.Sedentary lifestyle and Lack of exercise:

Because of change in the working pattern and life style the time spent at rest has increased profoundly coupled with a significant decrease in physical activity. Sedentary life style is associated with development of hypertension

7.Alcohol consumption:

Regular alcohol consumption causes sustained rise in blood pressure. Heavy consumption of alcohol on long term basis and binge alchol drinking increases the chance of sustained high BP

8.Some Medical conditions associated with development of High BP:

Thyroid problems, Kidney diseases, Adrenal gland diseases and Sleep Apnea are associated with development of hypertension even at a younger age. Some of the congenital diseases like narrowing of big arteries of the body also can cause high BP even during childhood. During Pregnancy also high BP can develop.

9.Medications that cause rise in BP:

Long-term use of Pain killers, OC pills, Psychiatric medications, Nasal drops are associated with high BP. All patients with high BP should inform to the doctor regarding the use of other medications which causes rise in BP.