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Maintaining Good Heart Health: Dos & Don’t

Posted on: 18 Oct 2022

By: Dr Vinoth Kumar

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It is a bit alarming how often we tend to ignore our health. We live in a world where being obsessed with our work is an essential part of building our desired lifestyles, however, what often gets neglected in the hustle is our overall well-being.  

It is very surprising that most people still don’t realize how important a role factors, such as the amount of sleep, level of physical activity, and diet, play in ensuring a healthy and long life for us. Also, it is unfortunate that our lifestyles leave little room for us to indulge into practices that may boost our heart health. 

Any cardiologist doctor in Nallagandla would be able to tell you how people neglect their health, especially, heart health all the time. Our current lifestyles often result in hypertension among post people, which further leads to other bigger and more serious ailments. It is important that you reach out to a cardiologist as soon as your feel the first signs. They can start by deciding the most suitable diet for you, and guiding you on the basics related to heart health. 

Habits That Might Be Affecting Your Heart Health 

We live in an age of abundance. While there is plenty of useful information on the internet, there is a lot of misinformation too. Some habits that have been normalised could be actually affecting your health adversely.  

Dr Vinoth Kumar, a reputed cardiologist in Nallagandla, often talks about our sedentary lifestyles being the actual culprits behind degrading heart health among people from all age groups. Most people work for late hours or spend time lazily around television on weekends without realising that sitting for longer periods of time could be building up the danger of heart diseases. This happens primarily because the absence of movement for a long time has the tendency to influence the levels of fats and sugars in blood. 

Stress is another significant factor. A sound mind lives in a sound body, and vice versa. In these increasingly busy lifestyles, it has become so important to take out time for ourselves as anxiety or stress can inflict significant damage on your heart.  

Smoking is another habit that amplifies the danger of gaining heart maladies. Smoking advances blood clumps and acts as an aggregate debacle for your heart’s health. Likewise, alcohol intake affects one’s heart health adversely. It is connected to a more serious dangers of hypertension and elevated amounts of blood fats. Alcohol also has the tendency to add additional calories which can prompt weight gain and it is well-known that obesity and heart health do not go well together. 

Unhealthy diet is another common factor that often leads to cardiovascular diseases. Foods, such as read meat build danger of heart illness and colorectal diseases. Endeavor to eat less of it and overall, focus on the portion size. Work on keeping the excess of everything under wraps. Make sure you include green vegetables to your eating routine, along with an adjusted admission of vital supplements. Dr Vinoth, the heart specialist, also recommends staying away from empty calories as they contribute to the danger of obesity, diabetes, and ultimately, heart problems. Intake of fresh vegetables, organic products, whole grains, fish, eggs, beans, unsalted nuts and seed, lean meats and poultry should be increased. 

A lot many people also end up making the mistake of overlooking physical symptoms. We tend to forget that good health is the most essential aspect of our existence. Identifying any unusual signs or listening to your body helps in timely diagnosis of underlying health issues, and get the best possible treatment. 

Final Thoughts 

Heart illnesses are becoming increasingly common. It is rather worrisome that even people from younger age groups have fallen prey to it. The doctors at our heart clinic in Nallagandla have a track record of helping hundreds of heart patients lead normal lives. 

With a slightly proactive approach, some awareness about heart health, early diagnosis, and the expertise of an experienced cardiologist like Dr. Vinoth Kumar, you can live your best life!